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Defi News Agency

Tuesday, Feb 07, 2023

Defi News Agency

Tuesday, Feb 07, 2023

MERGE 2.0: EXEC and MCU are Merging












It’s the moment we all have been waiting for EXEC to finally merge with MCU. This will combine the two tokens to create an efficient and deflationary Master Token! 


Loyal EXEC holders will receive an airdrop of the new MCU Master Token in the coming weeks. EXEC holders will also receive 2 FREE MINTS from MCU’s “Sock Aficionado” collection. Simply follow this link “…”


More About MCU Master Token:

The MCU dev team is in the final stages of testing our new, first of its kind contract. The new contract will feature a combination of two technologies: TRUE BURN and MASTER BURN. These features will be vital to the growth of MCU token moving forward. The TRUE BURN feature means that all trading of MCU token will reduce the overall supply thus increasing the price and locking up liquidity. In addition to that, each token launched though the MCU ecosystem will also burn MCU token with a portion of its trading volume.

The MCU Master token will feature several other new capabilities including STAKING and NFT STAKING. For more details and answers keep an eye on DefiNewsAgency.com for more updates.


More about Defi News Agency:

Defi News Agency is under a face lift at the current moment. Once complete, DNA will MCU-Centric. This will be the go to site for all News, Updates, AMA recording, YouTube Videos, Pod Casts, PR Articles and more. DefiNewsAgency.com will reduce the sell pressure on MCU and other tokens in the ecosystem by having a centralized, easy to navigate place to learn about all MCU Ecosystem and MCU Certified Safe tokens. Keep an eye on DefiNewsAgency.com for more updates.


More about Next Crypto Launches:

NextCryptoLaunches.com is also currently under a facelift and technology improvement. The final rendition of NCL will include a listing site for tokens to get on (similar to a coin gecko or coin market cap), charts for each token and a voting system only available to MCU holders. 

We want the new version of NCL to have 3 main attractions: 1) A Calendar of launches, pre-sale and AMA’s. 2) A listing service for all tokens to gain visibility and earn a rating. 3) A Chart page similar to Dextools where you can login through a dApp and vote tokens up or down.

Keep an eye on DefiNewsAgency.com for more updates.

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