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Tuesday, Feb 07, 2023

Defi News Agency

Tuesday, Feb 07, 2023

Terra 2.0 is now available on your nearest crypto exchange

Crypto Crash: Terra (LUNA) hit as it dipped 99% in just 2-days

IT'S ALIVE!!! Terra LUNA 2.0 is now available. / Shutterstock


The last few weeks have sure been stressful for Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon, as we previously reported, trouble seems to be haunting him by now but, perhaps the best two lessons after the chaos wrought by the major lunatic is that you can literally do whatever you want and that crypto is not going away.


Over the last week, he has dedicated to re-posting all the support they’re getting from the exchanges in the listing of the new LUNA token, in different flavors, modalities and pairs. Some even with their own ticker, which could cause confusion for the already clueless crypto investors.


Unlike us, –while trying to make sense of the available datum on TradingView– we hope that the LUNAtics do not get confused and know what they are doing and what exactly they are handling since in different exchanges they are at different speeds and while some have already changed to the new ticker LUNA or LUNC, others are not quite there yet and we have noticed some very crazy things across the board on TradingView.


There are pumps of over 4,000,000% on some pairs. Chart by TradingView.

Crypto exchanges support Terra LUNA 2.0…


On Do Kwon’s Twitter account, we can see a long list of exchanges that –happy to receive trading, conversion and withdrawal fees– are supporting the resurrection of possibly the most active token in the cryptocurrency markets right now.


1. Bitrue
2. Bitfinex
3. Gate.io
4. Kucoin
5. Bybit
6. Bitfinex
7. OKX
8. Kraken
9. Bitget
10. Nexus

We don’t know what happened with FTX here, though:

…but the community not so much


Most people on social media seem to be opposing this forking idea. Another big group is asking questions about the LUNA airdrop details, and polls are running.



We want to remind our kind reader, damaged by Terra, our deepest respect in this bad move. We hope you recover as much as possible of your investment. We’d also like to kindly invite you to read this very informative 5-part article on how to detect a healthy chart here.


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